temi lasade-anderson

critical internet scholar » tech & democracy campaigner


Hi, I'm Temi.

I'm a Senior Campaigner at Digital Action, an organisation that brings people and ideas together to strengthen democracy in a digital age. Digital Action builds coalitions that can tackle digital threats. I'm also a graduate student at Cardiff University, pursuing a Master's Degree in Digital Media and Society. My dissertation examines YouTube vlog confessionals; as a critical internet scholar, my research interests are in tech policy, platform governance, and using intersectionality theory to centre the epistemological experiences of Black women on the internet. I'm a bad feminist and a third-culture kid: I was born in London, grew up in Vancouver, and have Nigerian ancestry.

I spent seven years working in digital advertising, adtech, and technology companies, honing my craft in brand, marketing and digital strategy — work I'm proud of and has gained industry recognition with nods from Awwwards and the Webby's. In 2016, after witnessing the lack of accountability from platform companies, I decided to leave my digital advertising career path. With my background, I moved into technology policy and advocacy communications, working at the Mozilla Foundation, and consulting for nonprofits such as Whose Knowledge? and GCF.

I am interested in the relationship between technology on society; I advocate for technology policy rooted in social justice and critical race theory. It's my mission to ensure that the internet and technology leads us to a more equitable, inclusive, and just society.

You can find out more about my past work, roles, and responsibilities on LinkedIn.

I'm a huge remote work and solo-travel advocate. Since switching to remote orgs in 2015, I've worked with people in multiple timezones and lead teams composed of both co-located and 100% remote members. I've lived and worked on four continents. Some of my solo travels include hiking to Everest Base Camp and Mt Agung, an active volcano in Indonesia.

In my free time, I like to: read fiction and essays; be Very Online; travel (pre-COVID); hike; or, think about what (or where) to eat next.


Areas of research interest

Digital colonialismIntersectionality in technology policyData justice, automated decision making & its impact on racially marginalised communitiesInternet culture and sub-culturesMapping governmental procurement of AI/ML toolsUnderstanding the impact that the digital rights civil society has on the communities they serve.

Writing, Speaking & Case Studies

"Mad Men, Public Consent & Contextual Data" Keynote at Heinrich Böll Foundation — Berlin, Germany

I was asked to give a talk on data, privacy and Adtech as part of Frauen Loop's "Women Take on the Digital Divide" series at the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Net Neutrality: Call Congress Campaign

I wrote a video for Mozilla, explaining Net Neutrality and asking citizens to call congress and fight for Net Neutrality.

Communications Strategy & Creative Direction

How do you advertise an ad blocker to a general internet audience who does not have the awareness that a solution exists? With an comical editorial campaign that highlights the consequences of retargeted ads/annoying ads online.


Currently, I'm only available for speaking or short projects any of the areas I outIined here. I live in the UK, and I work remotely.

To get in touch about an opportunity, you can reach me on Twitter @temilasade.
Of course, you can also send me an email at temi [at] thisdomain [dot] com.