temi lasade-anderson

communications | digital rights | tech policy


Hi, I'm Temi.

I'm a communications consultant supporting organisations at the intersection of technology, civil society and digital rights. Previously I was an award-winning, commercial marketer. I'm a bad feminist and British/Canadian immigrant to Berlin, Germany.

I'm interested in technology and its impact on society; I do my best work when I am supporting organizations who are working to ensure the internet and technology benefits us all.

I spent almost ten years working either in or with technology companies, honing my craft in brand, marketing and strategy. During this time, I was lucky to work with software companies, startups and advertising agencies in Europe, the US and APAC.

After spending 5 years planning digital advertising campaigns for major FMCG, retail and tech companies and seeing first-hand the capabilities of adTech, and witnessing the lack of education and awareness customers have, I decided I couldn't working digital advertising any longer. I am digital rights advocate, working to ensure that the internet and technology benefits us all — meaning greater access, inclusion and digital rights.

You can find out more about my past work, roles, and responsibilities on LinkedIn.

I'm a huge remote work and solo-travel advocate. Since switching to remote orgs in 2015, I've worked with people in multiple timezones and lead teams composed of both co-located and 100% remote members.I've lived and worked on four continents; some of my solo travels include hiking to Everest Base Camp and Mt Agung, an active volcano in Indonesia. My passion for fitness and weightlifting lead me to gain my ACSM Level 3 REPs Personal Trainer qualification.

In my free time, I can be found either working out, at the airport, online or thinking about what to eat next — I'm a foodie!


Communications often gets thought of as a "bolt-on" or last-minute additions, however I like to ensure that comms work is briefed and included from the starting point. Thus, I enjoy leading and working in teams on projects that have a clear impact on organisational goals.

Areas I'm interested in

I'm particularly keen to work within the following areas:

Companies using technology to provide real-life impact and utility to their customers and/or people (especially women)Breaking down barriers in the tech industry Non-profit organisations working in the area of ethical technology/data, citizen engagement or digital rights issues within societyOrganisations working to improve online access and power to underrepresented/vulnerable minorities.

Things I've written, spoken & worked on

"Mad Men, Public Consent & Contextual Data" Keynote at Heinrich Böll Foundation — Berlin, Germany

I was asked to give a talk on data, privacy and Adtech as part of Frauen Loop's "Women Take on the Digital Divide" series at the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Net Neutrality: Call Congress Campaign

I wrote a video for Mozilla, explaining Net Neutrality and asking citizens to call congress and fight for Net Neutrality.

Communications Strategy & Creative Direction

How do you advertise an ad blocker to a general internet audience who does not have the awareness that a solution exists? With an comical editorial campaign that highlights the consequences of retargeted ads/annoying ads online.


Currently, I'm available for consulting projects or contracts in any of the areas I outIined here. I live in Berlin, but also am happy to work remotely.

To get in touch about an opportunity, you can reach me on Twitter @temilasade.
Of course, you can also send me an email at temi [at] thisdomain [dot] com.