Hi, I'm Temi.

full-stack marketer | content | social 

(what I do; not who I am)

What I Do

I help businesses excel in their marketing efforts. I have seven years experience in various digital marketing and advertising roles (Account Manager, Digital Project Manager, Strategist, Digital Director) in agencies in EMEA and APAC. Currently, I am available for remote work and/or roles based in Europe.

How I Do It

My skills are in strategic social media and content marketing across platforms. This includes brand development (copy; tone of voice), research and data analysis, and writing. As well as identifying which platforms my client’s customers are on, I develop a holistic performance marketing strategy in order to attract, engage and convert users. I use SEO, SEM, keyword research, and white hat tactics to write content the makes customers pay attention. Whether that’s distributed via paid social, display, email, or retargeting depends on the strategy. Then, I implement, optimise and measure to gather insights to replicate and ensure success.

Why I Do It

It’s simple: I think the internet is an incredibly powerful tool; I’m a bit of a data geek; and, I enjoy putting digital tools and techniques to work for business and brands I believe in. I thoroughly enjoy the many different aspects, tools and solutions for online marketing and how it’s always changing.

Plus, for me, digital marketing allows me to work with talented people across industries – and that is invaluable.