Hi, I'm Temi

What I Do

To put it simply: I help businesses excel in their marketing efforts. I’m a T-shaped marketer working at the intersection of Product, Brand, and Growth.

I have seven years’ experience defining digital products and leading growth in both B2C and B2B markets. I’ve been lucky to work with software companies, startups and pure-play digital agencies in the EMEA, the US and APAC. Currently, I’m contracting at eyeo, focusing on product marketing for ABP (growth), building their marketing stack and managing the B2C team.

How I Do It

I’m proficient in developing go-to-market strategies to drive product growth and adoption – whether that’s growth, awareness, or product advocacy. To do this I use devise a strategy that acquire, engage, convert and retain users. I ensure that product collateral speaks to defined audience(s) by defining MRDs and supporting sales enablement. I ensure growth campaigns are executed across channels, and uncover opportunities for virality. Then, I optimise and measure to gather insights to replicate, turn customers into advocates and achieve business objectives.

Why I Do It

I’m passionate about providing real value and utility to customers and users. I spend a lot of thinking about the Internet’s impact on society. Because of this, I really enjoy working in businesses that are solutions-based and have ethics at the heart of all their products. Above all, I enjoy roles where I am empowered to make decisions, work collaboratively, and where my work has concrete, tangible impact.

Since 2014 when I started my eponymous marketing consultancy, I have chosen to work with and at distributed or 100% remote companies. Doing so allows me to work across organizations with talented people across industries — and sometimes across the world — and that is invaluable to my personal and my professional development.