Hi, I'm Temi


What I Do

To put it simply: I help businesses excel in their marketing efforts. I’m a strategist working at the intersection of product and marketing. I have strong experience and capabilities leading multi-channel projects for B2C and B2B, with eight years experience working in agencies, brands and start-ups around the world. Currently, I freelance remotely for eyeo (based in Berlin), across user acquisition and product marketing for our products that put users in control of a fair and profitable web. 

How I Do It

I’m proficient in developing go-to-market strategies to drive product growth and adoption – whether that’s user/customer acquisition, increasing traffic, or building engagement. To do this I use devise a strategy that acquire, engage, convert and retain users. I ensure that all product collateral speak to right audience by defining MRDs and customer development plans. I ensure marketing campaigns are targeted to core market via paid social, display, and e-mail. Then, I optimise and measure to gather insights to replicate, turn customers into advocates and achieve business objectives.

Why I Do It

I’m passionate about providing real value and utility to customers and users. I spend a lot of time reading and thinking about market research and insights about how the internet intersects with society. Because of this, I really enjoy working in businesses that have a customer-centric view, and have ethics at the heart of all their products. I enjoy using a varied marketing stack (and tools!) to achieve business goals. I enjoy roles where I am empowered to work autonomously, and where my work has concrete, tangible impact.

Plus: my career allows me to work across organizations with talented people across industries — and sometimes across the world — and that is invaluable to my personal and my professional development.